Oxford Epidemiology Services LLC (Oxford Epi) provides high quality strategic consulting, research and analytic services to donors, international development organizations, NGOs, and governments, with a focus on helping to do good, better. We see opportunities for meaningful impact before others do. We rely on real time data and analysis to unlock insightful intelligence when it is most needed. The result-- we miss fewer opportunities to have a positive impact on lives.

As a woman and minority-owned small business with expertise in delivering scientific goods and services, Oxford Epi specializes in creating learning systems that maximize existing infrastructures using cutting edge techniques and processes. Our staff can rapidly deploy to deliver technical assistance, conduct research and/or program evaluations, and transform field data into actionable insight quickly to give our clients a powerful edge for evidence-based decision making.

Core Capabilities

Health Systems Strengthening

We focus on improving processes that enable healthcare providers to deliver the right care

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Continuous Quality Improvement

We support consistent implementation of interventions that have proven successful accross different environments, to yield high impact through active systems design

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Community Engagement and Sustainability

We engage communities from the early phases of project planning and design through implementation, to ensure sustainability

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Real Time Data Management Systems

We create real time data management systems that dramatically improve efficiency and data-driven decision capacity by streamlining data

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Research and Analysis

We excel in the provision of high quality research and data analysis services to clients, guided by solid principles of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

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Monitoring and Evaluation

We manage all aspects of the program evaluation process, including developing M&E Learning systems, and designing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting on evaluations

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