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A recent survey by Japanese insurer Au Insurance has revealed that about one in four people began commuting by cycle in Tokyo in order to avoid crowds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online survey received responses from over 500 business executives in Tokyo and found that 23% of them started cycling to work at least once a week ‘after the novel coronavirus began to spread’.

Of those who participated in the survey, 88% said they felt their risk of contracting the virus was lower when they commuted by bicycle compared with public transportation.

The survey conducted from 19 June to 22 June also showed 32% of the respondents said their employers recommended commuting by bicycle after the coronavirus.

A press release by the insurer said, “The number of people cycling to work is expected to increase as people begin to understand the new environment and start adapting to coexist with the virus.”

In a multiple-choice question, 95.7% of those who newly started cycling to work said they did so ‘in order to avoid using public transportation for commutes’.

Trains and buses fall under the 3Cs – confined spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings – that should be avoided to prevent the spread of the virus.

In a question that allowed multiple responses, 44.3% said an added benefit of cycling to work was ‘exercise’, 27.8% said they did so ‘to relieve stress’ while 21.7% wanted to ‘save transportation fees’.

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