Coronavirus live news: record rise in global Covid cases as Australian parliament is postponed

The US, Brazil and India see biggest increases as worldwide tally grows by 237,743 in 24 hours; Australian parliament postponed on medical advice. Follow all the developments live

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In the US, California’s governor has announced strict rules for school reopening that would prevent the vast majority of students from returning to classrooms in the fall as coronavirus cases hit their highest levels yet in the state.

Governor Gavin Newsom announced the new guidance on Friday, which mandates that public schools in California counties that are on a monitoring list for rising coronavirus infections cannot hold in-person classes, and will have to meet rigorous criteria for reopening.

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Albanese said the government should have made an announcement regarding jobkeeper and jobseeker before requesting parliament be cancelled.

Had the government made its decision clear to the public before this announcement, then people would have been able to have a view as to whether the changes that will be made and announced this Thursday are up to scratch or not.

Up to this point, there’s 3 million Australians who remain uncertain as to whether support will be given to their job past September. There are small businesses who remain in uncertain territory, unsure of whether they will continue to have support.

[It] needs to provide that ongoing support, because the government – with this decision by the Prime Minister to cancel the parliament – is saying, himself, that it’s not business as usual. Well, if it’s not business as usual for the parliament of Australia, it certainly isn’t business as usual for those small businesses relying upon jobseeper and those people who are maintaining a work relationship and an income as a result of jobkeeper.

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