COVID-19 Eliminator

Because Cases Are Rising So Quickly, Other Methods That Rely On Humans And Phones Will Become Increasingly Ineffective.  The COVID-19 Eliminator Presents An Agile, Automated Workflow That Can Easily Scale And Respond To The Rising Demand. This Is Most True In The USA, Where Cases Continue To Rise, But Also In Other Parts Of The World Still Experiencing Their First Wave.

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COVID-19 Can Be Controlled

Controlling COVID-19 is a mattr of finding thos exposed, test, track and treat their symptoms.

“The Best Way Forward Is The Blended Comprehensive Approach Which Puts Containment As A Major Pillar.” 

 WHO Director-General.

How It Works.


On Average, Each COVID-19 Positive Person Infects 2 to 3 Others, Sometimes Before They Themselves Are Symptomatic. We Identify Those Exposed By Enrolling Those Already Diagnosed With COVID-19.


Once Identified, Those Who Were Exposed To COVID-19 Are Notified Annonymously Via Text. They Are Invited To Join The Symptoms Tracker Program For 14 Days So That Symptoms Can Be Identified Early And Treated.


While Monitoring Their Symptoms, COVID-19 Eposed Individuals Are Offered Resources, Like Testing, Educational Materials, Mental Health Services, And Other Resources To Help Them During Isolation.

Medical Care

If Symptoms Become More Severe or They Experience a Symptom That Requires Immediate Attention, They Are Linked To Their Primary Care Team. An Emergency Contact, Selected By Them, Is Also Notified

Back To Health

After 14 Days, If Symptoms Free, The COVID-19 Exposed Individual Returns Back To Normal Living, Free From Grips Of COVID-19. They Are Provided With The Option To Test For Antibodies.

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