Crew of diverted tanker will face one month’s quarantine before they can get home

The China Dawn, the aframax that altered course from Singapore to India on Tuesday at the behest of the ship’s master, will arrive in Kochi next Thursday where the disembarking crew will not be able to get home for another month.

Splash understands the crew will face four weeks of quarantine and three days of processing before they can get back to their homes.

The tanker diverted for India three days ago, with the master citing the mental strain he and his crew have been under with the protracted extra weeks at sea thanks to the travel restrictions put in place around the world stemming from the coronavirus.

The China Dawn was en route from South Africa to Singapore when the ship suddenly changed course.

After much dialogue between connected parties in the ensuing 48 hours owners and charterers have yesterday agreed for this vessel diversion. The aframax is owned by Hong Kong’s Nan Fung Shipping.

The ship features seven crew who have worked beyond their contract terms, unable to get home thanks to the coronavirus, with the ship’s master featuring in a high profile article in Hong Kong’s Sunday Morning Post over the weekend, quoted as saying: “We are stuck at sea, we are prisoners at sea.”

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