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BROCKTON (CBS) — Jamine Paul knows she has some big shoes to fill. Her mother, Francoise was a dedicated nurse working two jobs and a single mother of three children. She died from COVID-19 after contracting it on April 8.

“My mom was like a super mom,” Paul said. “She loved us. She loved us like no mother could.”

Francoise, 54, fought hard for about two weeks but then lost her battle with coronavirus.

Jamine Paul’s mother Francoise (Courtesy Photo)

With no father in the picture, 22-year-old Paul is now responsible for providing for the entire family while working part-time and going to school full time at Bridgewater State along with her brother.

“My mom made it very clear she wants us to graduate college and have a better life,” Paul said.

When her mother was not busy raising her kids, Paul said she would be hard at work at Alliance Heath in Braintree and Life Care Center in Situate caring for her patients.

“I was confused as why she was never home a lot and then as I got older, that’s when I put pieces together oh, she’s been working a lot, that’s how shes’s able to keep a roof over our head.”

Jamine Paul (WBZ-TV)

Paul said her family is getting support from their church and Brockton community, but the burden will be heavy for her. “For me, its big shoes that I really have to fill. This is my childhood home but I would like to stay in it.”

She’s reaching out for help while fulfilling her mother’s dream of graduating college and paying all the family bills.

“My mom taught me to be grateful, so I am so thankful for the folks who donated,” she said.

The biggest lesson Paul learned from her mom, both as a nurse and as a parent, is to love: “That’s all we need in life, especially during this moment in time. The love we have for one another, let’s just keep it,” she said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Paul and her siblings.

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