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Motouleng Heritage Site, the sacred Fertility Caves between Clarens and Fouriesburg have been closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Police arrived recently and all residents of the largest inhabited overhang in the southern hemisphere were removed from the holy site which is central to traditional sangomas and various esoteric Christian church sects.

Environmentally it is undoubtedly a good thing, as the caves have become subject to the modern scourge of waste, with no hygiene or sanitation facilities and an endless stream of visitors with no litter bins to throw rubbish into. It is the source of a spring which is held sacred by many of the visitors, but even that has become subject to pollution impact of thousands of people living in and visiting the cave.

Back in 2015 Clarens News visited the Caves, and the story can be found here A VISIT TO MOTOULENG FERTILITY CAVE. It is truly an amazing space, and well worth preserving. There will be a clean up happening in the next month, where people will be invited to bring rubbish bags and gloves to try to restore this natural wonder to the sacred space it is.

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