“I cannot believe how fast I was able to get the patient the care they needed using i-ReferNow”
Dr. Smith
This Little App Is Saving Lives
Keeping track of patients after referring them is time consuming, cumbersome, and it takes away from treating new patients.
What’s more, providers typically never know what happens to their patients after they write them a referral script.

That’s why we created iReferNow.

iReferNow is a mobile application that allows healthcare providers to coordinate and track the life cycle of healthcare referrals so that children and adults can be connected seamlessly to the right care. 
iReferNow puts medical providers directly in touch so they can quickly collaborate and streamline communication to improve health outcomes. 

This App is a powerful tool for health providers who want to keep track of their patient referrals throughout the care continuum.


Allows referrals to happen REAL TIME with no waiting. 


So you know exactly when your patient checks in to their next step of care. 


Receive and send alerts and notifications to other doctors in the process. 
Here’s how it works:
After you diagnose your patient and identify that they need specialized care, you go on the iReferNow app and search our database for other clinicians and specialists.

Then, coordinate the most convenient care for your patient, either by choosing providers close to their home or place of work, or some other criteriaand upload all of the patient information.

Once that’s done, you can communicate with your patient’s next healthcare professional, and give them any information they need to help your patient properly.

Last, you can track your patient’s progress all through their care cycle.
 That’s it!

With iReferNow, you can:

– Refer your patients to the next logical specialist for the best possible care, increasing their chance of recovery and even survival

– Communicate in real time with specialists you refer your patients to, so you don’t have to get frustrated faxing or mailing information back-and-forth
– Track your patients every step of the way in the treatment process, so you know at all times how your patient is getting treated and recovering

– Increase your patient’s survival rate by getting them to the proper care they need fast!
No more wondering what happens to your patient after you write them a paper referral script… no more feeling stressed out or even guilty that you could have done more for them.

IReferNow does it all for you!
We’d love to show you just how powerful iReferNow has been for other clinicians like yourself, and how you can use it in your practice, today!

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We’d love you show you just how valuable this simple yet effective tool can be for you and your patients.


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