Jimmy Kimmel Points Out Fox News’ Most Obvious Hypocrisy About Coronavirus

Jimmy Kimmel slammed Fox News for its on-air echoing of President Donald Trump’s call to reopen the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, while at the same time telling the majority of its staff to continue working from home.

“At Fox News, which is the little engine behind the back-to-work movement, they just decided to keep their offices closed through June 15th. Isn’t that something?” Kimmel asked on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“Fox News, the ones who are making fun of people cowering at home, is advising its employees to stay home,” he added. “Because apparently, they don’t get their news from Fox News.”

Fox News has received widespread criticism for its coverage of the public health crisis that has now killed more than 83,000 people nationwide. Its primetime personalities for weeks downplayed the threat of the virus, then hyped unproven treatments and are now leading calls to end lockdowns.

The network’s reporting on the pandemic was last month described as “a danger to public health” in a blistering open letter signed by dozens of professors and teachers of journalism and communications. 

Check out Kimmel’s monologue here:

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