McDonald’s teases new Monopoly start date and all we know on this year’s prizes

McDonald’s Monopoly is returning this summer after the coronavirus crisis saw the popular game cancelled last year.

The fast food giant initially said it would postpone the start date of its Monopoly giveaway, but ended up pulling it altogether – the first time the game has been scrapped since it started in 2005.

Maccies was due to start the promotion shortly before it closed all 1,350 branches on March 23 last year.

Its restaurants remained closed for almost two months before starting to allow takeaway and drive-thru services – but Monopoly remained off the menu.

For those who’ve missed their Monopoly fix, we explain what we know so far about its return in 2021.

The McDonald’s Monopoly board from 2018

When is McDonald’s Monopoly returning?

McDonald’s told The Mirror that its Monopoly game will return late summer – although an exact date has yet to be confirmed.

The game usually starts around spring time, so this will be the first time it has been run in warmer months.

We’ll update this article once McDonald’s has confirmed when its Monopoly game will launch.

Previous prizes have included £100,000 in cash
Previous prizes have included £100,000 in cash

What are the prizes in McDonald’s Monopoly?

Again, McDonald’s hasn’t confirmed exactly what prizes will be given away as part of this year’s promotion.

It also didn’t get round to revealing all the prizes that would have been up for grabs in 2020 before the game was cancelled.

But before it was pulled, the fast food chain did say it would be giving away 1,000 “VIP” cards that gives the lucky holder one year’s worth of free food.

It’s unclear if it’ll instead launch this in the 2021 edition of McDonald’s Monopoly.

In 2019, some of the top prizes included £100,000 in cash (four given away), a Mini Cooper car (20 given away), £2,000 holiday money (50 given away) and a PlayStation 4 console (650 given away).

Smaller prizes – and the ones that are easier to get – included medium McDonald’s meals (2,000,000 given away) and a £50 voucher for Boohoo (18,000 given away).

Of course, the better the prize, the harder it is to win – we explain the rules below.

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How do you play McDonald’s Monopoly?

The game essentially mimics the classic Monopoly board, with customers able to collect game pieces that represent roads and train stations.

Then once you collect a set, you win a prize – the rarer that set is (so if fewer pieces are made) the better the giveaway will be.

For example, you needed the notoriously hard dark blue properties to claim the top £100,000 cash prize in 2019.

Customers will find the game pieces on qualifying McDonald’s products – so keep an eye out on your Maccies packaging if you’re playing along.

Some stickers will also be “instant wins” that can be redeemed straight away – although these are usually for smaller prizes like food, such as apple pies and Big Macs.

You have to be over 16 to take part and the event usually runs for about 41 days.

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