Medical association rejects hospitalising of COVID-19 patients

JOHANNESBURG – The South African Medical Association is rejecting suggestions to hospitalise all COVID-19-positive patients in the Western Cape.

The association says this would be illogical as some people only have mild symptoms that do not require professional care.

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The province has the highest number of coronavirus infections with 5,621 cases and 106 deaths reported.

“There seems to be a suggestion that all COVID-19 positive people will be admitted to hospital and this was not made clear, so from our perspective we want to state unequivocally our absolute opposition to this particular notion,” said Mark Sonderup from the South African Medical Association.

“There is no way our system would tolerate that kind of policy and that international norm is that anybody who is positive, asymptomatic, or mildly asymptomatic can self-isolate at home.

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“We are not devoid of understanding that for some people that cannot be possible and in that situation clearly alternative arrangements should be made and those arrangements should be within our hospital services, our services need to kept and retained for patients who need to there at the moment so that appropriate management can be applied.”

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