Omron launches remote medical system in US for hypertension

KYOTO — Omron will enter the remote medicine business in the U.S. for patients with hypertension, or high blood pressure, in partnership with hospitals in August.

The Japanese company will first launch the business, called VitalSight, in the U.S., where online medical practice is more accepted than in Japan. Omron will send blood pressure manometers and communication equipment to patients, whose data will be automatically added to a hospital’s digital medical records.

As the novel coronavirus spreads, many hospitals have accelerated the introduction of telemedicine and other technology that can increase efficiency and safety, as some virus patients do not have to go to hospitals for treatment.

Omron will soon offer VitalSight to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Doctors can decide how to treat patients based on data input into the system. The company will also launch an associated smartphone app within the year, and hopes to have 100,000 users in five years.

Since 2019, public medical insurance in the U.S. covers blood pressure management by remote for people 65 years or older. Insurance will pay hospitals $65 per month for each VitaSight patient, a portion of which goes to Omron.

The Japanese public health care system does not cover telemedicine, pushing companies like Omron into overseas markets that have less strict regulations.

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