Innovation Is Change That Unlocks New Value

From The Begining, We Set Out To Demonstrate The Utility Of Easy Access To Valid And Accurate Data Analytics In Real Time. We Were Determined To Create Engaging Learning Systems Without Turning Clinicians Into Data Collectors Or Data Analysts. This Belief Has Helped Us Design Solutions That Connect Healthcare Providers So That They Provide Better Care Even In Fragmented Health Systems. When COVID-19 Became A Pandemic, We Used Our Same Proprietary Know-How To Develop An Automated Contact Tracing Solution To Support States And County Health Departments With Contact Tracing. We Do This All While Being Compliant With HIPAA, GDPR, And CCPA. No Matter What The Circumstances, We Show Up, And We Innovate With The Goal Of Having Greater Impact And Saving Lives.  

DatAdventure is a data collection and analytics platform that allows us to create remote learning systems and conduct analyses in real time.

I Refer Now is a powerful modern solution that streamlines communication in a fragmented health system, improving the quality of patient care. 

The COVID-19 Eliminator is a contact tracing and symptoms tracking web application, built with technologies used in Uber, Amazon, and others. 

Specifically with regards to COVID 19, we have several tools available.

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