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Grinding the feed production processes in one of the important processes, grinding feed cost involved in operating (power consumption, wearing parts), weight loss (water and dust , mixed, particle mass term poultry feed production performance of fish and livestock health (ulcers) (KeithC.Behnke, 1999), improved operating environment (dust, noise . Therefore, the feed to improve feed grinding technology to improve production efficiency, feed quality and reduce production costs has important economic significance, but also many studies staff have been exploring the subject. research content crushing efficiency, and reasonable process of crushing, mill structures, mechanical and electrical consumption crush, mill convenience of operation, grinding grain size and uniformity, vulnerable parts of the wear nature mill noise control, automatic control of grinder on product quality and production performance of poultry and other fish. In this paper, feed grinding technology in the development of a comprehensive analysis, in order to feed grinding technology to better service for the feed production .

1 mill of the type and structure of this mill

Mill and mill the different types of structural changes, the effect of crushing large. According to size of crushing can be divided into general mill, micro mill, grinder; the structure can be divided according to mill off with hammer, hammer strength, on the roll, and tooth claw. Livestock and poultry feed commonly used in general ordinary roller Hammer Mill or grinder, young animals, fish feed can use an ordinary micro-mill, drop type hammer mill, jaw crusher, and special aquatic feed and aquatic openings need to adopt feed mill, and some even need to use colloid mill feed to achieve the required opening size requirements.

1. l Common Feed Hammer Mill is the industrial production of the most widely used. The principle is to crush the impact of non-bearing type crushed in crushing process, the hammer and the material impact of the collision mostly eccentric, so that material in the grinding room of a rotation, will be part of the energy consumption, which is consumed Hammer Mill One of the important reasons can be high. The same time, Hammer Mill for crushing chamber and the material by the impact of the role of high-speed hammer and materials away from. Power will be close to the screen surface under the formation of circular motion, resulting in circulation layer of material in the outer layer of large particles, small particles in the inner layer of material, after grinding to small particle size required can not be promptly discharged from the sieve normal, there has been material repeated impact with the hammer, the formation of excessive material crushing, grinding power consumption to increase, powder temperature, the moisture of materials formed within the water vapor, water vapor and the fine powder will adhere to sieve, sieve more serious blockage hole, smashing down efficiency, especially in the fine grinding of materials, the circulation of the grinding efficiency is more serious. To improve the efficiency of Hammer Mill, we must destroy the circulation generated during milling.

1.2 drop type mill is a researcher for the common structural features of Hammer Mill, grinding chamber will drop from the round into shape, then it increases the effective screen sieve crush room management area, but also damage the formation of circulation in the crushing chamber material is conducive to discharge after crushing crush room, crushing efficiency by 15%. In addition there is the main water drop mill grinding chamber and re-crushing chamber, the material can be formed in the interior of secondary crushing blow, the same mill can achieve rough. Fine, fine form three kinds of crushing, grinding the material after an average particle size of 100 ~ 500 m. Fish for animal adaptation granularity of the different requirements of materials, comprehensive application of feed mill grinding mill has a unique water drop edge.

1.3 vertical mill is a hammer mill, grinding process can be divided into pre-crushing and grinding two main regions, characterized by a 360 ring sieve, as well as the bottom of the sieve plate, sieve management area, contribute to fast after crushing nesting, and because of the gravity of materials, environmental screening of the vertical screen surface less adhesive material, sieve through capability; mill rotor plate to ensure the bottom screen interest effective use, and produce a certain pressure, to promote the rapid discharge after crushing, which effectively improved the ability to smash off the screen room, no need to set the row compound independent suction system, while eliminating the need for investment in equipment suction system also solved the long-troubled plant due to suction feed system failures crushing inefficiencies, and reducing material lost in crush of moisture. Grinding mill production efficiency and a higher degree of increased particle size after crushing even less potential powder, crushing power consumption can save 25%. Vertical-type Hammer Mill is suitable for coarse grinding and secondary feed crushing process Road smash before, but not for fine grinding of materials.

1.4 is supported on the roll mill crushing. The main function of the material crushed by a pair of roll shearing, and extrusion production, the role of external forces for the materials most crushing, crushing more efficient materials, greatly reducing the energy consumption of crushed (no rotation of materials, over- crush, the material temperature is small), it was introduced, Roskamp roll mill and the traditional system Hammer Mill compared to more than 60% energy saving.

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