Reopen with Less than 1% Risk of cOVID-19 transmission

Why Work With Us?

How you organize the workspace affects staff engagement and creativity, but it also affects their exposure to airborne infectious diseases. COVID-19 and its variants are highly transmissible in the air, especially indoors. However, with mathematical modeling, we can help you define the interventions you will need to implement in your space to decrease your risk of COVID-19 to near zero. We apply architectural epidemiology concepts to contain the spread and help organizations like yours become more resilient and prosper under changing circumstances. 

Everything You Need to Reopen Safely And Prosper

Assess Risk

Our team of experts will conduct a risk assessment of your workspace.

Modify Impact

We develop strategies backed by the most up to date scientific evidence.

Become Resilient

Our team of experts will make recommendations to help reduce risks of exposure in your workspace.


Our goal is to see you come back stronger!

Resources to Help you Reopen Safely

Reopening Physical Ofices

There are many guidelines and recommendations from the NIH and CDC to help you plan your return to you physical workspace safely...

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How COVID-19 Spreads

Scientists agree that the vast majority of COVID-19 infections are airborne. Thus air circulation is incredibly important.

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What We Know About Vaccines

The current vaccines are highly effective against the stain on which they were developed.We are still learning about how effective these vaccines are against the variants.

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What We Know About Variants

COVID-19 is mutating, and there are now several variants in circulation. More research is underway to document the impact of vaccines on variants.

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