Sustainable Healthcare Technology

Siemens answers for sustainable healthcare help providers improve outcomes and lower costs



In today’s healthcare environment, characterized by reform and an unstable economic climate, hospitals and care providers are charged with delivering higher quality care at reduced cost.


With reimbursements declining and millions more Americans soon to be insured, the ability to achieve increased productivity with cost-efficiencies is critical.


We believe this challenge creates an opportunity to move forward, to create more efficient infrastructures for providers and patients – ones that are built to last. We’re rising to the challenge with Sustainable Healthcare Technology.

Sustainable Healthcare Technology
Sustainable Healthcare Technology is an approach to innovation that puts equal emphasis on developing solutions that help improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of achieving them. Both of these goals are designed into our solutions to happen simultaneously. When quality of care rises with the simultaneous increases in productivity and cost efficiencies – this is sustainable healthcare.


As a leading innovator in imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and IT solutions, you can see the results of Sustainable Healthcare Technology across our portfolio:

  • Our magnetic resonance systems, optimized with Dot™ (Day optimizing throughput) workflow engines, deliver productivity gains of up to 50 percent.*
  • Our laboratory diagnostics solutions achieved a 554% increase in revenue for one customer, White Plains Medical Center, without adding staff.*
  • Soarian®, our healthcare information system (HIS) solution, has helped University Hospitals, Cleveland, OH, increase its first-pass clean claims rate to 98.85% and achieve a cost-to-collect ratio of .9%.*
  • Our full service contracts offer a system performance guarantee, in some cases providing for 99% uptime, helping customers reduce lost revenues from system downtime.*


Our commitment


We’re committed to making U.S. healthcare sustainable – not just by meeting and exceeding the clinical and financial challenges of healthcare reform and today’s economic climate, but by enabling lasting improvements that create happier, healthier patients and a healthier bottom line for providers.
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*The statements by Siemens’ customers described herein are based on results that were achieved in the customer’s unique setting. Since there is no “typical” setting and many variables exist there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.

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