This is how much it will cost to deploy South Africa’s army for the coronavirus lockdown

President Cyril Ramaphosa has sent a letter to parliament detailing how the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) will be deployed during South Africa’s 21-day coronavirus lockdown.

The letter – which was sent to both the Speaker of the National Assembly and Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces – states that 2,820 SANDF members will be employed over the period from 26 March to 26 June.

The expenditure expected to be incurred for this employment is R641,200,290.

These SANDF members will work alongside the South African Police Service to maintain law and order, support state departments, and control the border to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, the letter states.

South Africans will be forced to remain at home until 16 April 2020, as businesses across the country shut down, and only essential services and employees have been exempted.

However, Ramaphosa’s letter indicates that the deployment of SANDF forces can be extended until the end of June if needs be.

For the period of lockdown: every person is confined to his or her place of residence, unless strictly for the purpose of performing an essential service, obtaining an essential good or service, collecting a social grant, or seeking emergency, life saving, or chronic medical attention.

Movement means entering or leaving a place of residence or, in the case of people nor ordinarily resident in the Republic, their place of temporary residence while in the Republic.

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