Trump news – live: Administration sues over Bolton book as criticism grows over president’s police reform executive order

Analysis: Once a law-and-order president, always a law-and-order president.​

From The Independent’s John T Bennett.

Donald Trump and his top West Wing aides spent weeks debating whether he should give a national address on race after coast-to-coast protests over police officers killing black people, mostly triggered by
George Floyd dying in Minneapolis under the knee of a white officer.

The president was resistant. He has complained to senior aides that he is not comfortable delivering remarks to a mostly empty Oval Office from behind the Resolute Desk. He did so on March 11, trying to reassure the country about the coronavirus. In part because of his bungling parts of the speech, that was widely considered a failure.

So he and his team settled on a midday address on Tuesday ahead of signing an executive order putting in place policing reforms — even though it appeared to fall well short of the kinds of changes protesters and many Democrats in Congress want. They say the coronavirus is one of two epidemics facing black Americans. The other is police officers killing black Americans, they say, practically begging Mr Trump to at least urge the country for calm and embrace bold policing reforms.

There were signs as Mr Trump began speaking from the White House’s Rose Garden that he might do something he rarely has during the three-plus years of his term: At least play the part of the consoler in chief.

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