Trump: U.S. In ‘Very Good Shape’ On Coronavirus Unless ‘You Look South And West’

As the coronavirus continued to ravage large swaths of the country Thursday, President Donald Trump left Twitter critics aghast when he declared the country is in “very good shape” in terms of COVID-19 “other than if you look south and west.”

Trump made the comment during his White House press briefing on the same day that coronavirus cases surpassed 4 million in the U.S. He also announced the cancellation of Republican National Convention events in Jacksonville, Florida, due to coronavirus concerns. 

Gesturing to a map of the nation peppered with large red patches indicating hotspots where coronavirus cases have surged, Trump said: “You see, from that, it’s in great shape, lots of it. The Northeast has become very clean.”

“The country is in very good shape other than if you look south or west. Some problems. That’ll all work out.”

Twitter critics had some notes on Trump’s observation:

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