UK coronavirus LIVE: Boris Johnson refuses to apologise over ‘cowardly’ care home comments as Covid-19 deaths fall for 10th consecutive week

Hancock pays tribute to ‘amazing’ care homes

Jonathan Ashworth asked what the exist strategy was for the Leicester lockdown, adding that pillar-two data was needed in “real time on a daily basis”.

The shadow health secretary called on Mr Hancock to “look again” at sick pay entitlement.

On asymptomatic transmission, he added: “Could he explain why he’s not routinely testing health care workers? We’ve now got a position in this country where Premiership footballers are tested twice a week, but NHS staff are not routinely tested.”

On testing, Mr Hancock said: “We have worked with clinicians to come forward with a scheme that is supported by those clinicians for the regular testing of NHS staff, that scheme is now agreed and in place.

“Of course we constantly monitor it and we monitor the number of cases amongst NHS staff and I’m content with that scheme that was set out almost two weeks ago.”

On care homes he added: “Throughout this crisis, care homes have done amazing work and the PM was explaining that because asymptomatic transmission was not known about, the correct procedures were therefore not known.

“We’ve been constantly learning about this virus from the start and improving procedures all the way through and I pay tribute to the care homes in this country who have done so much to care for the most vulnerable throughout the crisis.”

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