UK locks down city of Leicester after COVID-19 spike

Following a surge in Coronavirus cases, the city of Leicester along with some surrounding areas, has been put under strict lockdown, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced on Monday.

Leicester’s new restrictions came after 10% of all new recorded cases recorded in the UK in the past week were in the city, marking UK’s first local lockdown since the British PM Boris Johnson decided to ease Coronavirus rules last week.

According to the new guidelines, shops that reopened in mid-June have shut on Tuesday, with schools set to follow on July 2, while bars, restaurants, hairdressers, and places of worship will not reopen on July 4, as it was initially planned.

On Tuesday, Leicester’s mayor urged citizens to “stick together” and stay at home, following the tightening of lockdown restrictions in the city, which has a population of almost 330,000 people.

UK’s Prime Minister Johnson praised the people of Leicester for their “forbearance,” after imposing at least two weeks of a local lockdown.

“Because if the Covid crisis has taught us one thing: it’s that this country needs to be ready for what may be coming, and we need to be able to move with levels of energy and speed that we have not needed for generations,” Johnson added.

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