Will China save Iran? – Asia Times

With Iran’s regime on the ropes, China sees an opportunity, which for Israel translates into a threat.

In recent weeks a series of explosions and fires have spread throughout much of Iran, damaging multiple facilities, including the Natanz nuclear facility and the missile construction center.

At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic has hit Iran especially hard, coupled with a lackadaisical reaction to it by the government.

Finally, the US and international sanctions against the Islamic republic have resulted in an economic/financial crisis of unprecedented proportions. If it were not for the billions the Obama administration sent Iran (in cash, in airplanes) as a result of the so-called “deal,” Iran would have been totally bankrupt by this time.

Conclusion: Iran is both imploding and exploding. Might this lead to regime change? Quite possibly. Public dissatisfaction with the Islamic authorities is at a high level, and we must not forget that about a year and a half ago the Iranian army attempted a coup d’etat that was put down by the Revolutionary Guard.

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